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Modern Autotune Pop Singers Soon to be Replaced by AI

LONDON - England - Record companies worldwide are looking to ditch autotune singers and replace them with AI which will cut costs, and sound exactly the same.

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The last two decades of non-music by autotune pop singers who all sound exactly the same as each other could soon be replaced by AI singers who will sound exactly the same as a modern talentless autotune pop singer.

Production companies and record companies will now bypass having to pay for some brainless pop singer to sing into an autotune plugin for that same awful robotic sound. AI singing tools will revolutionise the business.

“We will not need pop singers soon. This is a bonus for our business model, as we will not have to pay any royalties to some jumped up little autotune shister who thinks they are famous for whining into a microphone going through an autotune app. All modern songs are template music and sound the same, especially with autotune. The AI will streamline our business model as we can churn out hit songs to dump on the public who have been trained over decades to accept the shit quality of music presented to them,” a music executive for a record company in Los Angeles revealed.

In a climate where every song sounds exactly the same, there is no room for distinguishing one autotune singer from the next, therefore AI is a solution that will bypass paying these useless singers or paying them any royalties. It only makes good business sense, and will cut down production times by more than 70%.

“The untalented autotune people with massive egos walking around as if they have actually achieved something will have a rude awakening when they are completely bypassed by record companies of the future,” Miles Keith, CEO of Universal Records revealed to Music Week magazine.

As for live and video performances, record companies will simply present mime artists hired on a daily basis. This way, they only need to hire models for a few days or weeks, cutting costs even further. Because pop artists and singers of today have no personalities or individual character anyway, no one will even notice the changes.

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  1. All these autotune folks sound like machines – now they get to be replaced by machines. Karma is a bitch!!! HAHAHAH

  2. This is great news. I don’t personally think it will make much difference in sound, but I’m up for technological advances.

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