Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of CGI

LONDON - England - If you like your eyeballs festooned with multicoloured flashing CGI visuals at high speed intervals causing brain seizures, watch this film.

Dr Strange CGI

This film is rather hard to watch. It basically involves so much CGI flitting around the screen, bits coming in, mashed up bits going around and more CGI projectile vomiting everywhere that it makes you feel physically sick. One eyed CGI octopi running up buildings, one feels like they are having an apoplectic seizure watching this shit.

Amongst the nonsensical multiverse CGI festival of fakery, the audience is transported into a multi zone of computer generated psychopathy. Maybe the CIA could use this film to break down Russian agents who plan to cause mayhem on American soil or some other type of dastardly treachery.

Not sure if it was the frequency of the CGI images slapping around the screen much like a pinball dipped in liquid PCP, but reviewing this film was almost impossible. I fell asleep three quarters of the way in.

Apologies to Sam Raimi, but since the dawn of CGI, he might as well not attempt to direct any form of film ever again. Just let the AI and whacky, fake-looking CGI do it. The low budget of Evil Dead brought out so much creativity without any CGI. It seems huge budget CGI overuse in modern films kills creativity, the plot and the entire film.