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Remoaner SNP Lib Dem and Labour Band Together to Win By-elections

LONDON - England - Another massive smackdown for the Tories and Boris Johnson with by-election losses.

Losing a number of by-elections, Boris Johnson’s Conservative party is now on the back foot. Labour has reclaimed the seat of Wakefield from the Tories with a majority of 4,925 votes after securing a massive 48 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats have been declared the winners of the by-election in Tiverton and Honiton, overturning the Tories

There is a concerted effort now bigger than any other threat against Boris to oust him as PM, and to reverse Brexit. Remainers egged on by their EU masters are banding together to lend each other tactical votes. Labour and the Lib Dems are now one body working for the EU to oust Boris Johnson and the Tories.

The cost of living crisis is not playing well to many voters, and unfortunately Boris is under pressure not only from the gang of remainers but from within his own party which has a huge number of EU agents.

Speaking from Rwanda, Boris Johnson was humble on news of the by-election defeat for the Conservatives, but being so far away from home may also harm his cause.

The EU has been working tooth and nail to oust Boris, and using their useful idiot slaves in the UK like the SNP, Lib Dems, and Labour are coming to fruition.

If Boris goes, who will take over the Brexit mantle, or conversely rescind Brexit?

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