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Power Mad Smeagol Sturgeon and Her Precious SNP

GLASGOW - Scotland - An evil lies in the dark alley ways of this Scottish city, plotting against the English down south.

This Christmas Don’t Get This For Your Kids

GLASGOW - Scotland - This Christmas don't buy this children's annual for the kids stockings, or forever be doomed to a disunited Britain.

Nicola Sturgeon Gives Birth After Sudden Pregnancy

THE HIGHLANDS - Scotland - According to SNP aides on a recent field trip to Loch Ruthven, which lies 2.3 km south east of Loch Ness, Nicola Sturgeon rushed into the water at great speed, lifted her skirt and immediately gave birth.

Can Labour Be Trusted If They Support Russia?

LONDON - England - The Russians have infiltrated many institutions within Britain including the Labour party.

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