Can Labour Be Trusted If They Support Russia?

LONDON - England - The Russians have infiltrated many institutions within Britain including the Labour party.


Cambridge university, a staunch leftist breeding area, has factions that collaborate with Russia.

Half of London is now Slavic speaking, and many Russians living in Britain today are actively working with Russian intelligence agencies to gather data.

So, how can anyone trust the pro-Russian Labour party led by the greying old dog Marxist Jeremy Corbyn?

“Well, if we were in a time of war, most of the Labour party and shadow government would be arrested or kept under a very short leash, they just cannot be trusted. The LibDems are most certainly Russian collaborators. This also applies to the SNP who are very pro-Russian and are inherently communists when it comes to their political views,” someone said just after leaving an establishment near Vauxhall bridge.

Our national security depends on some kind of assurance that these matters are being dealt with, that these moles are dug up from our intelligence agencies, from our institutions. The Russian influence even extends to the Evening Standard and Independent newspapers, owned by Evgeny Lebedev and his father, Alexander Lebedev who was the First Chief Directorate of the KGB with a very dodgy dossier if one were to look at it. How could this turn of affairs have been allowed to materialise in the first place?

Never underestimate the Russian threat to Britain, it is all pervasive and it seems the infiltration is bone deep. We must especially be careful with an upcoming general election in 2020, when it could be Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10. Our national security would be put at severe risk, and our defences depleted under the dangerous irresponsible deluded aspirations of the Marxist Labour party and its demented leader who condones fully the Russian atrocities committed in Aleppo, Syria.