Espionage: Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Robotics All Encompassing

BEIJING - China - The Chinese military have blatantly stolen designs and plans from American weapons research facilities as well as DARPA.


A recent video published by the Chinese military shows almost identical military robots that DARPA/Boston Dynamics have been developing for years.

This display by the Chinese, reveals that espionage operatives have infiltrated the U.S. defence departments who are developing these military robots.

Below is the video of Spotmini by Boston Dynamics who are contracted by DARPA.

And here is the Chinese stolen copy of the American robot.

This is obviously blatant thievery by the un-innovative Chinese, who have massively infiltrated DARPA and Boston Dynamics to steal their robotic concepts and designs.

One would have thought the Americans would be more careful with instances of espionage on these sensitive military robots, but maybe there is an open door policy where all secrets are freely given away to the Chinese to copy.

With the recent confiscation of an American underwater drone in the South China sea, this thievery by China as well as hacking must be addressed by the upcoming U.S. administration under Trump.