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This Christmas Don’t Get This For Your Kids

GLASGOW - Scotland - This Christmas don't buy this children's annual for the kids stockings, or forever be doomed to a disunited Britain.

It’s coming up to that timely..er..time in the year, when you have to buy the kids their prezzies and stocking fillers.

This is one item you however don’t want to include in their stockings — The Krankies SNP vote.

No, no, no folks, it would just be too much, and a complete utter disaster when you go and vote on December 12, to foist this bunch of scallywags on future generations.


Breaking up the UK is no way to have a good Christmas, or having that bloated barnacle Blackford farting into your Brussels sprouts, they smell bad enough as it is.

Do you really want Nicola Sturgeon, Krankie, spurting out that she wants a referendum every five seconds, hoisting a ‘STOP BREXIT’ sign over her three-foot self?

Imagine the disaster that would befall the previously United Kingdom if Scotland left? Actually, come to think about it, most people would pay for the Scots to leave the UK. Imagine what the country could do if we spent the money we spend on them on ourselves instead?

The Glasgow heroin addicts would be left in the lurch, the booze halls would not be Glasgow Kissing any more, but it would be out of our hands then.

Aye, we changed our minds, you can vote all you want for the SNP.

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