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SNP: Repeating Supposed Generational Referendums on a Whim is NOT Democracy

GLASGOW - Scotland - The SNP abusing generational referendums purely for a political agenda is not democracy.

Scotland After Independence According to Nicola Sturgeon

GLASGOW - Scotland - Scottish leader, Nicola Sturgeon has outlined her vision of Scotland after independence.

This Christmas Don’t Get This For Your Kids

GLASGOW - Scotland - This Christmas don't buy this children's annual for the kids stockings, or forever be doomed to a disunited Britain.

Drunk Bampot Scottish Court Not Fit For Purpose

EDINBURGH - Scotland - A politicized, biased, anti-English Scottish court has ruled against English law and parliamentary practice.

Nicola Sturgeon Gives Birth After Sudden Pregnancy

THE HIGHLANDS - Scotland - According to SNP aides on a recent field trip to Loch Ruthven, which lies 2.3 km south east of Loch Ness, Nicola Sturgeon rushed into the water at great speed, lifted her skirt and immediately gave birth.

Britain to Hold Referendum on Whether to Keep Scotland

LONDON – England – Theresa May, Britain’s Brexiteering PM has vowed to give England and Wales a referendum on whether to keep Scotland.

Vindicating John Cleese On Journalism

LONDON - England - John Cleese is perfectly correct in voicing his concerns about Scottish dominance in the English press.

Thanks to Theresa May Scotland Will Now Block Article 50

GLASGOW - Scotland - Thanks to Theresa May, Article 50 to leave the EU will probably never be triggered.

Sturgeon Threatens UK Democratic EU Referendum Vote With Veto

GLASGOW - Scotland - In another supremely vindictive threat to the UK, SNP leader is now threatening to use MSPs to veto the EU referendum vote in Holyrood which could ultimately scupper the democratically voted  Brexit.

Scots Cannot Have Another Referendum to Split UK

GLASGOW - Scotland - Nicola Sturgeon's empty threats of a second Scottish Referendum are not only illegal, but would plunge the country into deep economic malaise.

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