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Spielberg Begs Scots to Stay in Britain

LOS ANGELES - USA - As for begging, you don't get more majestic than Steven Spielberg, do you? He's even done up one of his best films for the Scots, aye it's impressive, have a butchers.

Why Scotland Will Vote No

EDINBURGH - Scotland - In four days time, Scotland will vote No and not gain independence from the United Kingdom.

Why Scottish Referendum is About EU

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The upcoming Scottish referendum is not about Scotland but about the euro currency and European Union.

Media: If Scotland Votes ‘Yes’ Meteorites Will Fall On Country

LONDON - England - The English newspapers over the weekend were all singing from the same script, this time with even more scare stories about Scottish independence.

Scotland Referendum: Salmond Reveals Plan B

GLASGOW - Scotland - SNP leader, Alex Salmond keeps getting pushed to reveal a Plan B regarding currency union, well here it is.

Scotland: Freedom is Priceless

EDINBURGH - Scotland - As Alistair Darling chokes on a salmon pate, is there any hope for the beleaguered Scots?

Scotland to Rebuild Hadrian’s Wall

HADRIAN'S WALL - Scotland - Scottish National Party leader, Alex Salmond has revealed plans to re-build Hadrian's wall and restore it to its former glory.

Salmond Reveals Scottish Currency

GLASGOW - Scotland - Scottish National Party, leader, Alex Salmond, has revealed the country's new Scottish currency today in a city centre chip shop.

Fears Scots May be Losing Their Scottishness

HOLYROOD - Scotland - Why are the Scots begging to keep the pound if they vote for independence from the union?

David Bowie to Tour Scotland

NEW YORK - USA - David Bowie has announced a tour of Scotland in August this summer his management company has revealed.

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