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Druid Masters: “True Scot Celts Know About the Future”

CALLANISH - Isle of Lewis - Never ignore the sacred hidden knowledge of the ancients, for the original inhabitants of the British Isles know more than the feckless politicians. Listen to the druids.

World’s Largest Deep Fried Mars Bar Now Making Its Way to...

CHESHIRE - England - The world's largest deep fried mars bar is now, as we write this, making its way to Glasgow, Scotland.

Spielberg Begs Scots to Stay in Britain

LOS ANGELES - USA - As for begging, you don't get more majestic than Steven Spielberg, do you? He's even done up one of his best films for the Scots, aye it's impressive, have a butchers.

Why Scotland Will Vote No

EDINBURGH - Scotland - In four days time, Scotland will vote No and not gain independence from the United Kingdom.

Why Scottish Referendum is About EU

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The upcoming Scottish referendum is not about Scotland but about the euro currency and European Union.

Media: If Scotland Votes ‘Yes’ Meteorites Will Fall On Country

LONDON - England - The English newspapers over the weekend were all singing from the same script, this time with even more scare stories about Scottish independence.

Scotland Referendum: Salmond Reveals Plan B

GLASGOW - Scotland - SNP leader, Alex Salmond keeps getting pushed to reveal a Plan B regarding currency union, well here it is.

Scotland: Freedom is Priceless

EDINBURGH - Scotland - As Alistair Darling chokes on a salmon pate, is there any hope for the beleaguered Scots?

Scotland to Rebuild Hadrian’s Wall

HADRIAN'S WALL - Scotland - Scottish National Party leader, Alex Salmond has revealed plans to re-build Hadrian's wall and restore it to its former glory.

Salmond Reveals Scottish Currency

GLASGOW - Scotland - Scottish National Party, leader, Alex Salmond, has revealed the country's new Scottish currency today in a city centre chip shop.

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