Scotland: “A Final Cry to Go into Bottle”

FALKIRK - Scotland - The treacherous always win, as the Scottish referendum reveals.

How ironic that it took a traitorous chief bottler and reverse Midas touch politician like Gordon Brown to bring out the bottle in many Scottish voters.

As the resounding No vote by the bottlers reveals a nation with more mangy haggis than sporran, once again, Scotland has been party to treachery by its own brainwashed people.

“It’s not much of a cry to go into battle as a cry to go into bottle,” a former Yes voter and bottler told the BBC.

Gordon Brown’s traitorous bottler disease infected millions of Scottish bottlers with a resounding No vote, orchestrated of course with the help of Labour, who need Scotland to win a majority in a general election.

“I suppose I was working for the other side the whole time eh,” SNP leader Alex Salmond revealed whilst giving Darling a special handshake and a wink.

Perhaps, treachery is part of the Scottish psyche, as witnessed by William Wallace when he was abandoned by¬†“Red” John Comyn during the battle of Falkirk in 1298 thus leading ultimately to his execution by the English.

Naturally, the Daily Squib accurately predicted the outcome of this sham referendum way before the results, but what can we say, we just can’t help doing what we do.

  • LET THEM GO!!!

    What are they going to do? Scots are too lazy to do anything. They’re down the boozer or on benefits if anyone wants to know what the scots are like watch ‘the Scheme’ you can find it on youtube.


  • Lars


  • ken

    absolute twock. never again will we have the chance.

  • TC

    It’s a disgrace. I live in what was Scotland and vow to leave and never come back. This is not my country any more.

    • No No No No

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Piss off you Scottish idiot. More for us now it’s our land now.

  • Real Scot

    Rigged the people who voted No are not Scots.

  • Vote rig


  • Baggins

    I’m watching the Scheme now. That’s Scotland to me. A bunch of freeloaders. They wouldn’t be able to survive without the benefits. Makes me sick that we begged them to stay we shoulds kicked those freeloading useless muppets.

    • Sarah

      I love the Scheme it was the best thing on the telly for ages.

  • Pilanz

    So what scots are cowards yella spitshiners pinko chickens bwak bwak bwak. so what?

    • Gaz

      Fck off and die bastard!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    There are traitors in every nation now. Because of globalisation national identity has been stripped. They use lots of ways now to get the vote their way. Referendums don’t mean a thing apart from an empty gesture saying they gave the vote to the people but they didn’t really.

  • Tanya

    Yes voters were intimidating shits. You shld all be ashamed of yoselves

    • fck off

    • ___


  • Axl

    We could have a referendum every year and they still would mess it up.

  • Bullingdon Boy

    It’s a good thing I’ve gotta clean arse today. C’mon you Scottish bas..kiss it..

  • Faggots n Neeps

    There singin gaylick songs there noo. Shafted up da bum.

    • Rupert Mann

      mebbe da scotchs cannae bend over jus a lil bit more dannae think it’s far enough.

  • Banuck

    I cry every time I watch that film..

  • Labour conclusion

    Absolutely disgusting article piece here. The United Kingdom is stronger than ever today. Without unity things would be worse. I am so happy for Scotland and proud of Labour voters who made this happen. The work completed selflessly and all deserve a round of applause for their tireless work. We will strengthen the bonds that tie us together and now we must move our attention to beating the Tories.

  • Alistair

    There’s no way that Salmond could have pulled it off. Especially with the vote rigging.

  • Gary

    The scots are cowards but so what.


    • Anon

      Understand this. Scotland died a long time ago. What there is now is NOT Scotland. The people who live there are not Scottish. It’s a dead concept long gone many many years ago. Just forget it pal Scotland is a distant memory.

      • Cracie

        Never thought they could be so yellow.

        • Pilanz

          If u don’t have the guts u don’t have the guts. lots of people are cowards and would sell their grandma for money. Never understimate the cowardice of ppl theyd rather stick with being told what to do then get freedom.