Scotland: “A Final Cry to Go into Bottle”

FALKIRK - Scotland - The treacherous always win, as the Scottish referendum reveals.

How ironic that it took a traitorous chief bottler and reverse Midas touch politician like Gordon Brown to bring out the bottle in many Scottish voters.

As the resounding No vote by the bottlers reveals a nation with more mangy haggis than sporran, once again, Scotland has been party to treachery by its own brainwashed people.

“It’s not much of a cry to go into battle as a cry to go into bottle,” a former Yes voter and bottler told the BBC.

Gordon Brown’s traitorous bottler disease infected millions of Scottish bottlers with a resounding No vote, orchestrated of course with the help of Labour, who need Scotland to win a majority in a general election.

“I suppose I was working for the other side the whole time eh,” SNP leader Alex Salmond revealed whilst giving Darling a special handshake and a wink.

Perhaps, treachery is part of the Scottish psyche, as witnessed by William Wallace when he was abandoned by¬†“Red” John Comyn during the battle of Falkirk in 1298 thus leading ultimately to his execution by the English.

Naturally, the Daily Squib accurately predicted the outcome of this sham referendum way before the results, but what can we say, we just can’t help doing what we do.