Spielberg Begs Scots to Stay in Britain

LOS ANGELES - USA - As for begging, you don't get more majestic than Steven Spielberg, do you? He's even done up one of his best films for the Scots, aye it's impressive, have a butchers.

Legendary Hollywood director, Stephen Spielberg has released a few re-hashed clips of the Jaws movie which sealed his directorial ascendency.

“Ah was gonnae ben mah auld films an’ Ah thooght tae myself, weel wa nae re-do a body ay mah classics wi’ a Scot accent? Weel haur ur puckle clips, sae please enjoy, an’ we want th’ Scots tae bide a part ay th’ fookin’ United Kingdom,” Spielberg said from his Hollywood hills mansion whilst sipping a jug of Irn Bru.