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Fears Scots May be Losing Their Scottishness

HOLYROOD - Scotland - Why are the Scots begging to keep the pound if they vote for independence from the union?

David Bowie to Tour Scotland

NEW YORK - USA - David Bowie has announced a tour of Scotland in August this summer his management company has revealed.

Scots Could Deny England Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

STIRLING - Scotland - Scottish nationalists are furious that England will not allow them to use the pound sterling currency if they break away from the union.

Loch Ness Monster Gone On Holiday For Silly Season

LOCH NESS - Scotland - The Loch Ness monster was seen swimming off into the distance yesterday because it is on its annual Silly Season holiday.

Murray to be Crowned King of Scotland if Wins Wimbledon

EDINBURGH - Scotland - Tennis ace Andy Murray has been promised the Scottish crown if he wins Wimbledon this year by legislators guarding the Scot royal lineage.

Scottish Scientists Invent the Secret to Immortality

GLASGOW - Scotland - Scottish scientists have come up with a novel way of preserving humans before they die so that they can live for thousands of years.

Cameron: “Destruction of the Pound Nearly Complete”

LONDON - England - The Prime Minister has lauded the destruction of the pound sterling currency after its value has fallen to its lowest levels yet.

EU Soviet Agenda and Comrade Cameron

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU's Soviet agenda was laid bare today with the unveiling of a new EU poster that finally puts to rest the bloc's Soviet credentials.

Royals Watch as Poor People Thrown to Wild Dogs

BALMORAL - Scotland - The Royal Family had a delightful day out at Balmoral on Sunday when over two hundred poor people were thrown to the dogs in front of baying crowds of privileged royalty and rich business people.

Gordon Brown: Scottish Independence Could Severely Hinder Scots Benefits System

FIFE - Scotland - Gordon Brown has warned that breaking up the United Kingdom would lead to the Scottish losing billions of pounds worth of benefits and welfare which they get from England.

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