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EU Soviet Agenda and Comrade Cameron

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU's Soviet agenda was laid bare today with the unveiling of a new EU poster that finally puts to rest the bloc's Soviet credentials.

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The new poster is a clear signal that the EU incorporates elements of a Soviet Fascist bloc and is a direct threat to freedom, democracy and humanity as a whole.

A warning from history

“Not only are we laughing in the face of all citizens within the European Union, we are also revealing ourselves to be truly a Soviet system where we amalgamate and assimilate all within our borders. We also hold elements of the Fasci rods keeping the EU nations together in strength, as well as elements of national self-sufficiency and independence, through protectionist and interventionist economic policies. We destroy all individuality, all nationality, and dictate all economic policy. This is the EU, and when we get our stormtroopers goose stepping on the streets, you will see what you have got yourselves into. Remember that evil is allowed to happen when good men stand by and do nothing. The EU was allowed to happen, as was Stalin’s Soviet bloc, and Hitler’s Reich. No one did anything, nations stood by until it was too late, banks financed them until it was too late. The same is up with the EU, no one did anything, and unelected EU bureaucrats now rule over you. You pay for my unlimited expense account and my diamond encrusted pension plan, my unlimited global travel perks and my laughter at you pleb citizens, the scum that you are, I laugh and spit at you,” an unelected EU bureaucrat said from the EU parliament yesterday.

An EU Army is the next step for the totalitarian state

British premier, David Cameron, who knows very well what the EU is and how it will finally reveal itself to be a totalitarian Soviet Fascistic state, was all too eager to proffer his congratulations to the EU for its recent Nobel Peace Prize.

“I have been told to say this by my superiors in Brussels. I say to the British people that the key to joining the Eurozone will be Scotland. When they embrace the EU, as Southern Ireland did, then we as England will be given no choice but to join the EU as well. I know the plan, as do many other cabinet members. A referendum in Scotland is the key to the Scottish people breaking up Britain until it is ultimately weakened. Divide and conquer, as always, a British Empire trick is being used against us, and I am complicit with my masters, as a traitor to Britain. I have emphatically denied the British people an In/Out EU referendum, because I know that the British people do not want any part of the EU. To this end, I am a liar and traitor to my own people but my masters have promised me great things for delivering the UK to them on a platter. Our laws in Britain are fully managed by Brussels/Germany now and it is going to get even more insidious in the future. We were not defeated in WW1 and WW2 but Britain will be defeated by me denying the people their rights to determine their destiny. You say we live in a democracy, I say you do, but that democracy is under EU regulations now and they will tell me what to do about how much democracy you are allowed from now on. So please carry on as you are, watch your Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talent shows. Do not think for one second about what is going to happen to you, or your children in the future. Why not just text away and read your Facebook page. There is nothing to worry about.”


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  1. Why are you equating communism and fascism you pretty much use the 2 systems interchangeably in the article. Why? Is it to stir up more hatred for the EU because labeling something as communist doesn't inspire the same kind of fear and hatred as labeling something as fascist? The fact that the EU are openly communist should inspire enough fear. All fascists were fervently anti communist and communists were fervently anti fascist. Just read Trotsky's "Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It"
    clearly communists are not in league with fascists the commies even pioneered the usefull tactic of calling your opponent a racist to discredit fascists. A tactic that is still used today by the radical egalitarian politicians in europe and other EU cronies.

  2. Two-faced' politicians have opened the door to an EU superstate by giving up on democracy, Václav Klaus, the veteran Czech statesman, tells Bruno Waterfield.

    The new push for a European Union federation, complete with its own head of state and army, is the "final phase" of the destruction of democracy and the nation state, the president of the Czech Republic has warned.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/vclav-klaus-on-european-democracy-2012-9#ixzz2DyPxLx3o

  3. Indeed, the people that control the EU are anti-white to their rotten cores and want White Genocide. Take note of the symbols on that poster people. All roads lead to them.

    These anti-whites always go silent, when we ask these questions:

    Why do they push massive immigration and Forced integration for ALL White countries and ONLY White countries, until Whites are mixed blended out of existence? Why is it if any White person objects to this GENOCIDE, they scream naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews?

    all, only – White countries
    all, only – White countries
    all, only – White countries

    It is GENOCIDE.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  4. You're dam right. The EUSSR is even commiting genocide at this very moment.
    The solution to terrorism: The Powers that Be should encourage huge numbers of Chinese to emigrate to Arab countries and breed with them. Eventually the Arabs will be bred out of existence, their religion replaced with Buddhism and the problem would be forever solved. — Sounds like genocide? You're dam right it is. Try replacing "terrorism" with racism, "Chinese" with non-white, "Arab" with white, and "Buddhism" with anything. Is that not genocide? "Anti-racist" is a codeword for anti-white.

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