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Pleb Rebellion Taking Down Tories

LONDON - England - The plebs are fighting back and striking some pretty big targets these days, Conservative party observers concede.

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“In the old days the oiks knew their place. Now they’re fighting back. I really don’t know what on earth is going on?” a baffled Tory revealed today.

What with the chief whip getting himself all resigned and fired for telling a lowly pleb jobsworth copper to get a life for being a little Hitler, and Georgy boy from the Treasury getting a rollicking from a lowly ticket inspector on a train for fare dodging? What’s going to happen next, David Cameron and Nick Clegg being chucked out of a hospital ward by a crazy NHS surgeon in front of TV crews? Surely not.

“I think that Osborne should’ve done a Bullingdon on the boy who dared ask for his ticket. Of course, the Chancellor of the Exchequer of Great Britain can ride in any f*cking carriage he wants, surely the oiks should understand that fact. One thing is for sure, Mitchell and Osborne will find the names of these shisters and make sure their careers go the way of the dodo,” another disgruntled Tory revealed.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are now cowering in abject fear of the lowly plebeians.

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