Westminster Farmer: Time to Clean Out the Trough Once Again

London - England - It's that time of year again when the Westminster pig pens are cleared out exposing some of the greedy pigs taking more than their fair share on the farm.

“We had a lull after the last pig pen clear out and looks like we’re back again, and it seems the greedy little pigs have not learned their lesson. Once a greedy piggy, always a greedy piggy I say,” Farmer Giles of Westminster farm told the Daily Telegraph.

Every few years the pig troughs get rather messy and many pigs get too greedy for their own good, it is the farmer’s job to clean the troughs out and slaughter the particularly greedy members of the farm.

Some pigs are so greedy in the Houses of Porkliment that they rent out their pig pens to unsuspecting piglets then get others to pay for another pen all the while gorging on as much food as they can.

“I’ve named and shamed these greedy pigs. There’s Amess, Harvey, Riordan, Bryant, Dr. Fox and many others,” Farmer Giles disclosed.

One must not forget the despicable Bercow of the farmer’s yard, the little silly moo with the funny wife, who tried to stop knowledge of the pigging out sessions coming out. Apparently he’s up for the slaughterhouse too. Good riddance.