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Queen’s Speech Without the Queen

LONDON - England - This year's Queen's speech funnily enough does not involve the Queen in any shape or form attending parliament.

Mass Debate in House of Commons Sort of Goes All Wrong

LONDON - England - Having a mass debate in the House of Commons during a session can have adverse effects on your career as an MP.

Serial Bully Bercow Bullies Independent Watchdog Investigating His Bullying

LONDON - England - Serial bully Bercow has denied he bullied anyone in parliament by beating the crap out of the independent investigators.

Partygate: Parliament is Not Part of the Public

LONDON - England - The outrage over Partygate is unfounded because parliamentarians are separate to the public.

Chinese Spy in Parliament: “I Wonton Nothing Wong!”

BEIJING - China - Apparently, the CCP hierarchy are all laughing at Britain's lax security regarding a Chinese spy who infiltrated parliament with ease.

Drugged Up Parliamentarians to Get Their Comeuppance With Sniffer Dogs

LONDON - England - Drug sniffer dogs will be introduced to parliament to counteract the prevalent use of illegal substances.

One Thing Lockdown Shows: Many Politicians are Irrelevant

LONDON - England - The coronavirus lockdown has shown that many politicians in parliament are irrelevant and useless.

COVID-19 Infected Health Minister: “There is nothing to see here, everything...

LONDON - England - COVID-19 infected Health Minister, Nadine Dorries has insisted everything is okay despite potentially infecting hundreds of other MPs, and the PM.

Labour MP Accused of Wearing Dodgy Dress in Parliament Fights Back

LONDON - England - A Labour MP has defended her right to dress as she pleases in the House of Commons after wearing a dodgy dress for a parliamentary session.

Election 2019: Let the Purge of Remainer MPs Begin

LONDON - England - The upcoming General Election will see a purge taking place of the duplicitous, anti-democratic MPs who tried to stop Brexit and dishonour the vote of the people.

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