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Friday, September 8, 2017
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Hunchback of Notre Dame Takes Up Residency With Big Ben

LONDON - England - Jean Claude Junckimodo, aka the Hunchback of Notre Dame, has taken up residence in Elizabeth Tower where Big Ben is now silent.

The Neutrality of House Speaker Bercow and Other Things

LONDON - England - News from Westminster suggests that the current House Speaker, John Bercow is on the way out after his impartial intervention for the Trump visit.

Labour Three-line Whip to Seal Article 50, Hopefully

LONDON - England - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been busy in the House of Lords getting some names of good madams and mistresses who are proficient with the whip.

Members of Parliament Have Already Voted During the EU Referendum

LONDON - England - The ridiculous nonsense being trotted out by Remoaner MPs like Hilary Benn where he says 'members of parliament should not be bystanders' to Brexit is null and void.

Keith Vaz in Uphill Gardening Accident

LONDON - England - Labour MP and previous family man has been caught in an uphill gardening accident that seems to have derailed his career.

PMQs: Maggie’s Back With a Vengeance

LONDON - England - PM Theresa May's first PMQs got off to a wonderful start as she gave Jeremy Corbyn a good solid kicking whilst channelling the spirit of Thatcher.

House of Commons Spends £1,500 a WEEK to Control Politicians –...

LONDON - England - TAXPAYERS are forking out a staggering £1,500 a week on pest control for politicians, researchers and pundits in the House of Commons.

Experts: The British Government is Not a Government If It Cannot...

LONDON - England - What kind of a sovereign government needs permission from someone else to implement its own laws and operate within its own national boundaries as it sees fit?

Lord Ashcroft: “I’m Okay!”

LONDON - England - Lord Ashcroft, author of the explosive biography of David Cameron, suffered a life-threatening illness a day after the book was serialised, it emerged last night.

Pigs Disgusted at Cameron Jiggery Pokery

OXFORD - England - Upon hearing news that David Cameron violated a pig's head during his student days, pigs across Britain have shown their dismay and disgust at such an act.