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The Year 2022 When Parliament Finally Discovered “Integrity”

LONDON - England - The year 2022 will be cemented in history as the year that the Houses of Parliament discovered integrity.

2022, will go down in the history books and talked about by historians for centuries to come because it was the year that the Houses of Parliament finally discovered the concept of “integrity”.

Historian, Professor Lior Fibbs, from Cambridge University, was excited by the new finding.

“Absolutely incredible, it has taken centuries of lying, backstabbing, cheating, dishonesty, immorality and downright evil Machiavellianism to finally come to some form of ‘integrity’ and ‘honesty’. Centuries from now, historians will look at the year 2022 when members of parliament finally found the benefits of honesty and truth.”

The momentous event where integrity was discovered occurred during the ousting process of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. All of a sudden, ministers who in the past were immoral, indecent, depraved, unethical and downright dishonest found integrity when citing their displeasure with the wayward PM.

“I have integrity now, and the filthy dishonest PM does not. As soon as he is ousted though, somehow my integrity will disappear and I shall get back to immorality, lying and cheating,” one MP who resigned to destabilise Boris’ government quipped before slinking into the darkness.

Another MP who resigned revealed: “This integrity lark is hard work. I don’t know how much longer I can handle it before I crack?”

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