End of the Line For the Greased Roasted Piglet Boris?

LONDON - England - Boris, the little greased piglet is getting nervous. He can hear all these people around him sharpening knives.

boris johnson roasted piglet

There comes a moment when it’s time for slaughter, and unfortunately Boris Johnson is next on the line for the chop. Amongst the myriad of resignations from his government, kudos must be given to the PM for barricading the gates as the backstabbers line up to plunge the carving knife into him.

Now that the Tory government is imploding, Britain’s enemies are licking their lips to feast on the Boris corpse, roasted and glazed to perfection. Labour are now readying for a general election to push their favourite Soviet comrade Keir Starmer. Labour will only bring more chaos, economic bankruptcy and pain with their frivolous socialist spending sprees — that is — until all the money runs out once again.

How much roasting the little piglet gets is of course up to the rebel backbenchers and Cabinet ministers waiting to plunge their own knives in once the final deed is committed?

Boris’ demise is thus planned for either today, Thursday or Friday. The bell tolls and the knives are all out, being sharpened for the final carving.


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