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Non-Dom Ban Means Mass Exodus of Foreign Rich From UK

LONDON - England - The ban of non-Dom status will mean a mass exodus of foreign rich people from the UK.

Ready, steady, get the fuck out of here! Rich foreign business people and generally rich people are scrambling to leave the UK today, as the non-Dom status ban will soon come into force.

With the highest taxes in 70 years, the Tory socialist government have increased taxes 25 times within the last two years, non-Doms are leaving the sinking ship UK and taking their wealth with them.

Private jets, and executive first class lounges on all flights, were overloaded with the rich as they fled the smelly toilet that used to be the UK.

Under the new rules, individuals will be taxed on their worldwide income and gains in accordance with the normal tax rules for UK residents.

Without the money and enterprise of the global rich, Britain will invariably become poorer than it already is. Many factories, businesses and property will now be abandoned to rot away and the money that would have otherwise trickled down into the economy will be lost.

“Goodbye Britain! It was nice while it lasted, but I have been forced to take my fortune elsewhere,” said one businessman before boarding his private jet.

Poverty Britain, a large leaking bucket of shit, where the socialist Tories have even resorted to stealing Labour policies is doomed to self-destruct soon enough before it sinks into the sea forever.

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