Think Tank: How Socialism Kills Economies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

LONDON - England - The Progress Move independent think tank reveals some thoughts on how socialism kills innovation and economies as a whole.

“Britain’s great past is filled with invention, and it seems those days are all over, purely because of the socialist system we are living in now.

“You may say, hang on a minute, the Conservatives are half in power now, but that is a hollow point to make because the internal system is socialist in nature, whoever is in power. Britain’s massive welfare bill is testament to this fact.

“Socialism not only kills economies dead, look at Hollande, Obama and Brown, but it stifles the raw hunger for creative success, which can only be achieved in a free economy where welfare spending is limited. Rawness of innovation flourishes when people are up against the wall, do or die should be the mantra, not languishing in taxpayer funded housing projects withering away in slow rot mode.

“Britain’s post war welfare state created by socialists formed a cushion for the unfortunate masses who could not be bothered to innovate or educate themselves. The welfare state today in the UK is an over bloated free for all where success, education and prosperity are actively discouraged.

“Poverty breeds poverty, and socialism as a construct encourages further breeding of people who have no hope, no education and no will to contribute to humanity.

“The same is also true in America where millions of people languish in welfare projects on food stamps. These places of squalor, are a testament to the failure of socialism unlike an alternative innovative forward looking political ideology.

“If there ever is a proper ideological party that comes into power, there would be value in demolishing these socialist systems, which not only suck money out of the economy but encourage people to be lazy, stupid, ignorant and ultimately poor. The useless eaters of society are pretty much that, a burden on knowledge, a burden on humanity moving forward to increased heights, they need to be cut loose, to extinguish their free ticket would be the best thing for them and the planet.”

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