Why Google Glassholes May Need Their Own Island

MOUNTAN VIEW - USA - Maybe it is time that Google ventured into unknown territory by creating their own society, government and complete technical culture.

Professor Rodrigues Martine, of Boston Applied Science University outlines some of the vagaries of being a ‘glasshole’.

“What stands for Google, who are supreme innovators in the technical field, certainly does not stand for the rest of the mundane population.

“This is why they need to open their own exclusive territory where people dedicated to the transhumanist ideology can be free from the masses.

“The Google glass is one small step towards a bigger prize, but it will be hard to sell to the general public purely because big technological jumps are usually frowned upon by most.

“Try picking your kid up from school whilst wearing your Google glass, and you may be arrested or beaten up by other parents. Try going to a pub with your Google glass, and you may get glassed literally with a broken pint glass.

“The answer for Google is to acquire its own technological island, instil its own laws, currency, advanced military systems and to promote freedom, the thirst for ultimate knowledge, life extension and an advanced technological society that transcends the sedentary morose societal and governmental structures in place in existing countries today. Governments around the world today are sluggish corrupt organisations still entrenched in the past, it is best to start from scratch, because the entrenched nature of these entities are irreparable.

“Google certainly has the money to start its own colony, city, country and government, so what is holding them back?”