Are You Wearing a Botnet Nappy? Well You Should Be

LONDON - England - Our lovely Russian friends have decided to leave a nice present for us on the internet -- millions of botnets ready to pounce at any moment, or in two weeks time to be precise.

According to reports from the interweb a mad Russian hacker has gone and crapped all over the internet.

Computer boffins everywhere are in a tizzy because the botnets all over the place are going to soil the internet’s nappy and steal all your hard earned money, that is if you have any left during this supposed economic resurgence.

“You can shield yourself against a botnet virus by taking two diarrhoea pills daily and wearing a nappy on your head whilst surfing the infected Delhi belly internet. If you are not suitably shielded from the botnet then you might get a blowout all over your keyboard,” Dean Kermit, an internet security analyst told Tech Toilet magazine.

If there is an internet still available in two weeks time, it may still be unsafe to take your nappy off your botnet hidden deep in your PC, so don’t get too cozy with it all.