‘Teflon Barry the Invincible Magic President’ Opens to Rave Reviews

LOS ANGELES - USA - The latest film from Hollywood land is sure to be a box office hit.


Starring Teflon Barry the Magic President, it involves a man who mysteriously comes to become U.S. President seemingly out of nowhere.

“Like nothing touches this guy. He can do anything and get away with it. Any other leader would have been impeached long ago, but this guy gets away with murder, literally,” producer and writer, Dick Clancy told Hollywood Week magazine.

Without giving away too many spoilers, the action packed film starts with the president spending 15 trillion dollars on pretty much nothing, then bringing in a series of contentious pet projects that cost the U.S. taxpayer even more vast sums of money. The president is of course a mean shot on the golf course and is filmed delegating orders bypassing congress mid swing and consorting with terrorists. The film ends with a big shootout in a ranch somewhere Midwest, with Barry the Magic President walking away after executing hundreds of cowboys in a bloody stand off.

Initial screenings saw many audience members vomiting into their popcorn such was the sick factor of the film.

Teflon Barry the Invincible Magic President opens Friday nationally.