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Why Loveable Cad Boris Johnson’s Job is Safe

LONDON - England - As slippery as a box of electric eels, Boris Johnson seems to skip through the trials and tribulations thrown at him with ease.

Boris Johnson – Why Apologise, Over and Over Again?

LONDON - England - How many times does Boris Johnson have to apologise and say he is sorry ad infinitum?

Experts: Now is Not the Time to Change PM Over a...

LONDON - England - Should we vilify hard-working politicians who dare to have a glass of wine during their 20-hour working days?

Boris: “No Need to Self-Isolate if Infected With Covid”

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has declared that those infected with the Covid virus will no longer need to self-isolate.

Taxi For Carrie!

LONDON - England - Taxi for Carrie! The PM's wife is ferried around the capital city for hours and hours to keep her out of the way.

Forget About “Levelling Up” What About Finishing Brexit?

LONDON - England - Marketing slogans and empty promises like "Levelling Up" need to be superseded by actually finishing Brexit.

Partygate: Parliament is Not Part of the Public

LONDON - England - The outrage over Partygate is unfounded because parliamentarians are separate to the public.

Bloodbath at PMQs Over Partygate and Cakegate

LONDON - England - Monday's PMQs over the ongoing saga of Partygate saw another bloodbath, as multiple MPs jostled to knife the PM.

Multiple Attacks Simply Being Deflected by Teflon BoJo

LONDON - England - Despite being attacked from multiple angles from an assorted foe, BoJo seems to be made from Teflon.

Boris Bangs Opposition Totty in Chambers

LONDON - England - PMQs between the Tories and Labour were certainly a flirtatious affair as Boris battled it out with Angela Rayner.

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