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Biased Labour Partygate Plot Rears Its Ugly Head Again

LONDON - England - The biased Partygate plot led by Sue Gray, a Labour plotter out to denigrate Boris Johnson, is in full swing.

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Apparently, if you are going to have any sort of probe into parliamentary affairs, you are meant to have an impartial Judicature to officiate and manage the probe. Sue Gray, part of the civil servant swamp, has suddenly announced to everyone that Labour leader Keir Starmer is her best friend, and that she is firmly in Labour’s pocket. Smells like shit, you say? Yes, it’s the Sue Gray Partygate Probe stitch-up concocted by Labour plotters all the way from the beginning of this turgid nonsense.

This time, with the timely release of the Hancock WhatsApp texts — Boris Johnson is in the crosshairs once again. It seems these fuckers just can’t put things to rest and are dredging up this hokum day in day out until they get a hit.

The funny thing is, Boris appointed Sue Gray six months ago, and now she suddenly reveals she is a pawn of Labour leader Keir Starmer. Sorry, but it seems Boris has shot himself firmly in the foot, as well as being party to some serious bad luck.

How Boris is going to get out of this definite stitch-up is anyone’s guess, however don’t count old BoJo yet, he is a slippery fish and try as they may, he always somehow bests the bastards trying with all their might to catch him?

Labour along with the Remoaners have been plotting to kill off the Tories since Brexit. One can only hope that these plotters are struck down once and for all, their treachery paraded in front of all to see. There is great fear amongst the Labour contingent that Boris takes over from loser Rishi Sunak and pulls the Tories through the next election. Labour currently think they have the 2024 election in the bag, but if Boris gets in again — it would be game over.

Oh, and next time, don’t use WhatsApp.


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