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We Were Right About Prince Harry Being Programmed to Attack Royal Family

MONTECITO - USA - Trauma based mind control is possibly being used on Prince Harry, as he is programmed to attack his own family.

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The Daily Squib wrote an article in January on Prince Harry’s so-called therapists instilling thoughts into his mind. The poor boy does not know if he is coming or going, as he has these whisperers in one ear, and Meghan Markle – a master manipulator – in the other ear.

The media is now finally reporting on how Harry is being manipulated by multiple therapists, and those using the woke ideology created in Soviet communist regimes to attack the British royal family by making various spurious accusations in the media against the royal family.

Trauma based mind control has been around for centuries, but was perfected by Nazi and Soviet doctors in the 1940s who were then recruited into the CIA after the war ended. This process is utilised today by multiple global intelligence agencies including the CIA, Mossad, FSB and MI6.

As Harry is not exactly a man of the books, with a low level operating mind, he is not only susceptible to manipulation from the likes of Markle but the therapists who introduce themselves to the former royal. Gabor Maté is the latest therapist to be given the spotlight, and no doubt his book sales will increase with the extra publicity, however many controllers do not wish to be uncovered working their methods on subjects as easy manipulated as Harry. These characters usually work from the shadows, where they program their alters for specific purposes.

Britain’s enemies and so-called allies fear the rise of a Great Britain once again from the ashes of imprisonment and denigration in the EU. During the time of Britain’s subjugation to the EU, many nations grew stronger than the UK. There is a possible correlation with the attacks on the royal family and fear that Britain may one day rise from the ashes of EU death and rebuild itself. Attacking the very core of Britishness, through the use of a former member of the royal family who is easily manipulated, is a perfect way to destabilise the nation’s very core principals.

Cult groups also operate in the same manner. First, the victim is isolated, they are separated from their known support networks of friends and family. Well-trained, Markle performed this task with ease. Once the victim is isolated from their support structures, they are steered towards certain outcomes by the controllers through trauma based mind control.

As for the need for privacy, you cannot get more intimate than an $18 live therapy session where every past trauma of one’s privileged life are brought up for everyone to see. It’s all about pay per view privacy, for sure.

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  1. They turned Harry into the GINGERNATOR!!!!

    Quick someone needs to press the off switch.

  2. please no more I can’t take it anymore. To see this whinging ginger priviliged dumn @ss makes me sick like a physically want to barf everytime I hear his droning moaning voice. Please give us a break for god’s sake I cannot take it any more it is driving me up the wall. I cant read the papers or watch the screen any more it’s all about them me me me me. LEAVE US ALONE

    • Even worse is he’s going to form a band with Ed Sheeran , The Gingerbread Men .

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