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Why the Vile Fascist Woke Censors Feed Off the Brief Outrage They Create

LONDON - England - Fascist woke censors actively feed off the pain and hurt they create after they desecrate established pieces of art and literature.

It is a fleeting moment, a mere whisper in the wind that can almost be missed…yes, a moment when someone, somewhere stood up to actually question the vile woke censorship of either some past piece of much-loved literature, a film, a song or a piece of art. The woke censors, and the dead who follow them all cheer in unison, another piece of history has been subverted, desecrated and defiled for their woke fascist totalitarian ideology.

There is also a sense of delightful glee with these censors, possibly because they have caused immense hurt and damage to an established piece of someone’s previously lauded works. James Bond’s books à la Ian Fleming and other writers reduced to soulless castrated effete puerile excrement. The woke love to see others in pain, because it gives them a sense of achievement in destroying a man or woman’s entire life’s works in a matter of minutes through digital editing. Deceased authors cannot fight back, and they are easy targets for the cowardly woke censors and cancel culture fascistic sputum. Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl, easy targets as their works have been acquired by the woke publishing system.

Of course, there is also a sense of power that these little Hitlers and Stalins enjoy coursing through their putrid mud-filled veins as they systematically destroy anything that was ever any good. Giving fascist woke scum like this power is a deadly game, but the likes of Klaus Schwabb, and Soros just love to do it.

Yes, there are the odd people who do stand up to question the anti-art evil that is going on, but they are few and far between. The rest just shrug their shoulders and put it down as progress in some way — this is not fucking progress! Destroying established artistic works is NOT progress, and George Orwell, who is also on the list for imminent destruction, would be appalled at the sheer complacency of most people — but he would understand why the majority stay quiet, just read 1984 to realise why people stay quiet.

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