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BoJo Quits Remainer Tory Party

London - England - Boris Johnson has quit the Tory party.

Money talks, and Brussels has an unlimited amount to bribe their agents in the UK with. These agents may be masquerading as MPs, Lords, civil servants, BofE, Treasury or journalists, but they are treacherous villains all on the Brussels payroll, and they are all complicit in betraying their own country simply for greed. In the old days they used to call it treason — these days it means an extra duck house or three in one of your country estates, and all the other perks that come with knavery. These sleazy greed driven agents of the EU operating in the UK never forgave Boris Johnson (aka BoJo) for his decision to support the people and democracy by pushing Brexit through parliament, so they plotted, and finally ousted all Brexiteers from parliament. Naturally, Boris had nowhere else to go but quit after the kangaroo court led by Labour-ite remainers twiddled their little thumbs and came up with more nonsense to condemn the PM with.

There is now an air of schadenfreude emanating from the compromised environs of parliament, which is no longer manned by honourable British members of parliament  but gloating bloated maggot EU agents who have taken over the once great institution. The valiant Brexiteers have been routed at the gates, their swords buckled and their honour and divine loyalty to Britain bruised.

The political wilderness is a preferred place to exist in than a Tory party which has been taken over by treacherous thieves and treasonous vagabonds.

Count your blood money, remainer scum, for it will taint your very souls to eternity.

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