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Brexit Means Britain

LONDON - England - Just because history was in the past, it does not mean it is irrelevant or not linked to what is happening now. Brexit is linked to the very fabric of Great Britain.

Brexit means something much more than Britain’s exit from the communist bloc EU, it ultimately stands for democracy, freedom and a country’s right to forge its own path, to make its own decisions and to govern itself without external interference. One could postulate that Brexit is Britain, and even though this voice of Britain has been stifled by treachery, it is fighting to release itself from the irons that it has clasped around its ankles.

To erase such an illustrious history as Great Britain has acquired over thousands of years and to be governed by its former enemies is simply a tragic end for Britannia, a complete denouncement of all those battles fought, of all those fallen soldiers, and of all those great inventions that emanated from these fair Isles.

Would the USA give up its sovereignty, would China give up its sovereignty, would Russia give up its sovereignty, would Japan give up its sovereignty?

What Britons experienced through the Blitz during the second war may be a distant memory, but the spirit of those people echoes through history and sometimes bleeds through to our time now, as we can see in Ukraine.

For all those who ran headlong onto the beaches of Normandy or the Somme, and were mowed down mercilessly by machine guns. They fought for the very freedoms that we were meant to enjoy today, but are being eroded daily.

This is what Brexit means, it means the very land you and your ancestors have walked and fought on for thousands of years. Brexiteers are thus real Britons, and remainers are not, simply because they have given up their own land to be governed by foreign forces who DO NOT have our best interests on their minds.

If we lose Brexit — We lose Britain

Once it’s gone…it’s gone forever.

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