Why Boris is Holding On Despite Resignations

LONDON - England - Despite the baying crowds and MPs, Boris is hanging on and fighting for survival.

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We have lost count on the number of resignations so far from Boris’ crumbling government, however there is a very good reason for the PM to hold on.

Who are you to tell me to resign? Mass ministerial resignations like this are similar to an internet mob on Twitter or some other horrid platform wanting to cancel somebody or thing.

In these heady days of cancel culture, the ministerial mob are acting like bullies themselves.

The way Boris sees it, it is HIS god-given right to rule, mandated by that large majority he won during the last election. Conversely one could argue that Boris squandered that election win and through his apathetic actions shit in his own shoes but that is neither here nor there.

Never underestimate the tenacity and will to survive, despite all setbacks, when coming from a dog eat dog Lord of the Flies public school background where daily atrocities were simply scoffed at and if you did not fight, you would literally be stamped, reputation and all, into the ground.

As Boris sees it, he may be deluded in his fervour to ‘carry on’ but he won’t take orders from underlings or oiks.

Furthermore, there are options, and he is looking into those right now.

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