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BoJo Finally Resigns

LONDON - England - It's official, Boris Johnson has been press-ganged into signing a resignation letter.

Why Boris is Holding On Despite Resignations

LONDON - England - Despite the baying crowds and MPs, Boris is hanging on and fighting for survival.

There is Nothing to See Here. Please Disperse!

LONDON - England - Bang! Boom! Whizz! There is nothing to see here. Please disperse!

Multiple Attacks Simply Being Deflected by Teflon BoJo

LONDON - England - Despite being attacked from multiple angles from an assorted foe, BoJo seems to be made from Teflon.

Theresa May Opts to Stay on Sinking S.S.BRINO Ship

LONDON - England - Amidst the ship BRINO made from cheap cardboard, Captain Theresa May stands steadfast, as the ship fills with freezing water.

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