Multiple Attacks Simply Being Deflected by Teflon BoJo

LONDON - England - Despite being attacked from multiple angles from an assorted foe, BoJo seems to be made from Teflon.

boris johnson number 10 downing street

Partygate, Muslimgate, lying about interfering with Afghan dog rescues and an assortment of stuff is being thrown at the PM as Teflon BoJo bats it all off like a duck does to water. Will anything stick?

The answer is probably not and this is the wonder of Boris Johnson, he truly is made out of Teflon and not Velcro like some politicians.

Crikey! They’ve even sent the police in about lockdown Partygate and the police are threatening to arrest anyone who is found to be culpable of breaking the ‘rules’. BoJo will probably get through that lot as well.

Despite being photographed amongst wine bottles and his arch enemy Dominic Cummings spreading the manure far and wide, Boris always seems to come up with a suitable explanation to placate his many accusers. He seems to have the consistency of an oily fish that is impossible to hook, let alone handle.

Wednesday’s PMQs turned out to be the usual blustering mess, with the opposition MPs constantly asking or begging Boris to stand down. All of their hysterical outrage was simply batted away as usual by BoJo and that was the end of that.

As for the mojo of BoJo, well when he’s under fire or on the edge, this is when he is at his best and thrives. One supposes this is when he feels most alive, and he would much rather have this state of affairs than the mundane daily chores of running office.

BoJo seems to be getting through this unholy mess with ease so far, but how long will it last?