It’s All Over, the Covid Nightmare Ends, Nothing to See Here Folks!

LONDON - England - Apparently the Covid pandemic is over according to the government and everyone is free to do as they please once again.


You may be wondering what all the palaver was all about in the first bloody place. All those insane rules, extreme lockdowns, half’n’half lockdowns, six in a room, partygate, cakegate and the rest of the absurd Covid baloney.

Apparently, according to the government, we are all in the clear now and there is nothing to worry about. That fearful Covid, Omicron whatever it fucking was has apparently gone and disappeared into the ether or been extracted from this dimension by aliens. Pat yourself down, are you still here alive, did you make it through the madness? Do we all get to live a normal life again, you know, the one we had pre-December 2019?

The apocalypse has been cancelled, so why are people not partying in the streets, why are there no street parties with people waving flags and the bunting waving in the cold January air?

You have to go back to the office? GPs have to treat their patients in person? What?

No more work from home? Well, tell that to the pen pushers in Whitehall who are refusing to get back to the office. It seems they have become accustomed to conducting their civil service duties in their pyjamas and slippers.

What does the all-encompassing WHO have to say about Britain allegedly pushing aside the deadly pandemic and setting everything free? Well, according to the WHO nothing has really changed globally regarding the pandemic, and one can witness this fact in the Chinese Winter Olympics games where the communists are revelling in a climate of extreme Draconian restrictions.

This all feels like a big ‘sorry’ from Boris for fucking up with his parties during lockdown. It’s like, hey, let them all go free, so they forget about all the outrage.

The blatant truth is that Covid is still out there infecting people, and killing the unlucky ones. Covid is also constantly mutating, finding new ways to infect their human hosts. Who is to say that the powers that be restart their hysterical shit tomorrow when Omicron 2.0 or some other monstrous version is spawned?

It’s not over till the fat lady sings…