Spotify: To Joe Rogan or Not to Joe Rogan

LOS ANGELES - USA - Soviet cancel culture is now after the Spotify talk show host Joe Rogan. Will free speech prevail?

With the exit of mewling dog rocker, Neil Young, then the yowling Joni Mitchell, we now have Nils Lofgren the 70-year-old guitarist for Springsteen wheeling himself out of the Spotify door. All of this because of some bald muscle man who thinks he is a sort of philosopher has voiced his opinion on the subject of vaccinations. In reality, he has not said anything bad about vaccinations.

Rockin’ in the Cancel Culture World

“I’m not an anti-vax person,” Joe Rogan has said. “I believe they’re safe and encourage many people to take them.”

Rogan also has commented that healthy people do not need to take the vaccine, and this is where he has fallen into a bit of bother with the vaccination cancel mob police.

In the interests of free speech and the right to say what you feel about any given situation, he should be defended to the death, as anyone who profoundly believes in the divine human right to speak freely without undue punishment should be duly afforded.

Sure, we may not always agree with what someone like Joe Rogan says, but it is his right to have an opinion, whatever it is.

Vaccinations have brought hospitalisations down, and although they do not prevent the spread of Covid, vaccinations have saved lives. One only has to look at the data to see, especially in the UK, how there have been minimal deaths from Covid in the third wave.

If a person has the necessary common sense to exist as a human, they will hear what another person says, make an informed reply in agreement or not regarding what the person said, then move on. Why as a society does anyone have to be cancelled? People say or think the oddest things, so what? Is it going to kill you to hear someone else’s opinion on something, however mundane or serious sounding?

Let bygones be bygones, let people exist, let humans express themselves if they fucking well want to, however nonsensical or ridiculous the words or sentences are, what is wrong with a little eccentricity, a little difference?

You would think these Spotify legacy hippies, children of the 60s would understand the concept of freedom of speech, but it seems in their old age they have turned sour and lifeless. Fling your corpses onto the burning pyre right now, you are not worthy of artistry anymore, it has left you because you hate freedom of expression, you are not worthy of the guitar or microphone anymore, and Jim Morrison’s ghost pisses on your rotting formaldehyde heads.

If people die without taking the Covid vaccination, it was their choice to do so. They should be praised for their bravery for dying for their cause. You as a vaccinated person do not need to directly care about any of the deaths, yes it is a tragedy, but they made their choices freely and this should be respected. If you wear a proper rated mask, and take the necessary precautions, let the others who choose not to vaccinate or wear masks die from the deadly virus. It is their right to do so, and it is your right to take precautions.

Stop trying to preach to vaccine dodgers, just let them be, and they will in turn leave you alone? Definitely this world needs more humility, more understanding and most of all it needs its freedom of expression back.

Let Joe Rogan keep his $100 million Spotify talk show, it’s certainly worth more than all the one-hit wonder legacy stars who have spoiled in their old age. They can certainly rot in their multi-million dollar mansions atop the Hollywood Hills, reading their well thumbed copies of Das Kapital. If those old fuckers cannot recognise why free speech is so precious anymore, they deserve nothing better than to have the exalted muse take the little talent they had and relegate them to the wilderness of cowardly failure for eternity.