Whatever Just Happened to Switching Channels? David Chappelle Cancelled

LOS ANGELES - USA - American comedian, David Chappelle, has become a victim of the leftist Woke Cancel Culture agenda.

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle

In the old days, if you did not like something, you just switched channel, or moved on and did something you liked. These days, the outrage Woke mob try to cancel and ruin your career by any means possible. Whether it is on Twitter, or some other inconsequential trumped-up leftist controlled media portal, the repercussions can land deep if you are, an artist/comedian/writer on the receiving end of the Woke cancel mob. This is why, all it took for David Chappelle, a hugely established left leaning comedian, to be cancelled by the Woke left was a few jokes about LGBTQP on Netflix. Look what they did to poor old J.K. Rowling, who is a real biological woman and proud of her status. For fuck’s sake, even the darling of the left, Bill Maher, thinks the Woke extremists are fucking nuts and have ventured beyond any reasonable level of sensible behaviour.

The Daily Squib saw this shit happening in 2014 during the Obama regime, which was the beginning of the Woke agenda, when no one was even talking about censorship and Wokeness. It was Obama who introduced all these far-leftist Woke groups into the Petri dish of cancel culture shit when he was in power, and encouraged them to act daily ruining free speech.

Comedy, and in our case satire, is now an exercise in self-censorship out of fear of offending one of these cancel-culture Woke zealot cult members. You cannot joke about anything any more without being banned somewhere, or from any leftist controlled biased network. Such is the polarisation these days by the U.S. controlled media, that you are labelled either extreme left or, as the leftists call the conservatives, “Nazis”. In our case, we do not identify with any side, but are avowed to fight authoritarianism on both sides, and the evil creep of extreme totalitarian ideology destroying our precious, and now barely existing Western democracy/freedom of speech.

We should be fighting for our Western democracy, and right to free speech with vigour, simply because to succumb to the leftist cancel culture cult of the Woke mob would be the death of everything we fought for in the last two centuries of Western culture.

As in most cults, the cultists eventually run out of people to fight, and start fighting their own. This phenomenon can be found in many Islamist Jihadist groups who eventually destroy themselves by in-fighting after running out of external enemies to blow up.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you might as well go and blow your fucking brains out right now, and this is the crux of the matter. All these leftist pseudo-communist groups controlled by Chinese communist agents, cannot take a joke at their own expense, they instead are indoctrinated crude automaton brutes with not a single ounce of humour between the lot of them — LGBTQP, ANTIFA, BLM, #METOO etc.

As for David Chappelle, we think his new stuff is okay, but his earlier stuff really shines through, especially the skit about Prince/ Rick James and Eddie Murphy’s brother, Charlie R.I.P. For that, we salute you Dave…but those were the days when people still had a sense of humour.