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Simultaneous Global Events are Always Engineered

THE GLOBE - When multiple forms of crisis are presented to populations on a global basis at the same time, this is most certainly an engineered action.

The current energy and food crisis many are witnessing in multiple countries and regions around the globe are events occurring simultaneously. The shelves are already being emptied in many food stores globally partly due to fractured supply lines, fuel shortages, delivery driver absence, consumer panic.

What does a particular series of events that occur simultaneously around the globe tell us? Well, for one, these events are part of an engineered wave, as much as the Covid pandemic was an initial engineered wave of attack on the populations of the globe. In a war, there are usually waves and waves of attacks on an enemy. In this case, the global population is the enemy, and ordinary civilians who are merely trying to get on living their mundane lives are affected adversely without knowing why or how they are being attacked.

Coordinated Global Crisis

“It’s a simple way of disruption; civilians are stopped by organised protests on the motorways, store shelves are empty of produce, and the cost of staple utilities are either made scarce or the price of everyday products shoot through the sky. The general population do not know what is going on, and are bemused as they are steadily restricted in their freedoms and ability to survive, especially during the freezing, wet Northern winters. Wave after wave, the attacks continue unabated, and it seems the respective governments simply stand by and watch, even increasing taxes on the populace to compound the pain,” one observer of the global phenomenon remarked.

Much of the general populace within the last year or so have not prepared food reserves sufficiently, and it is now that they will suddenly realise what is going on, but it will already be too late. The empty shelves, and rationing in stores will escalate as even more sections of the population realise much to their detriment that they were too slow to act, and are now without essentials like food. They were too busy going on holiday or indulging their mundane lives to prepare as only the few have done so many months/years ago.

To compound the problem, there may be complete electricity blackouts, or the water system stops pumping water to households. In this situation, one would assume that instantaneously, many households would be left high and dry. It would possibly take a day or so before civil unrest begins, especially in the major metropolitan areas.

All of the things the population have taken for granted over the last thirty years were built on cheap money, on quantitative easing, on cheap products manufactured in Communist Chinese factories where many of the workers are paid slave wages so that products can be sold to the West with massive price markups. The populations of the West have been spoiled for choice in supermarkets and shops with almost infinite versions of each type of food or product, however, from now on, those days will be of the past. From now on, there will be less products available on shelves, and less variety for the consumer.

This is a global problem, and in countries like China and India, already there are major blackouts, with cuts in production. The Lebanon has been without power for the past two days, and in Europe, much of the Continent is entirely dependent on gas supplies from Russia, which under Putin’s whim can halt supplies at any time if he so wishes.

The supply lines for products moving around the entire globe have now been compromised, and this malaise will continue throughout the entire miserable winter period.

In the UK, the government is not only planning to raise NI tax, but increase Council Tax, increase gas/electricity prices, increase fuel tax prices, as well as increase interest rates to counteract inflation, which will hit many mortgage owners adversely. These actions will have an extreme negative effect on the eudaemonic levels of the general population, increasing violent action within the overcrowded cities.

On top of all of this, the Covid-19 Pandemic will continue, and as much as any government faceless suit says everything is okay now, there will be a continued risk of death from Covid-19, whether people are double jabbed with the vaccine or not. It is not over by all means, but this time there are multiple pronged attacks on the population which will inevitably increase the mortality and poverty rate further.

The population must not only factor in the current levels of attack, but it is almost a certainty that the engineers of this global attack will come up with further methods to reduce the populations and impoverish even more millions of people.

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