Fake Vice President Attends Fake Photo Opp With Fake Child Actors

FAKELAND - USA - Kamala Harris, the fake Vice President, the role she won in a fake election, conducts more fakery with fake child actors.

kamala harris vice president creepy uncle joe

You don’t get more fake than Kamala Harris, who is a fake vice president who conducted a fake election and definitely won through huge levels of electoral fraud. This imposter, is not only a fake Vice President, but now conducts fake photo opps with fake child actors in tow, to add to the cringeworthy fakeness of it all.

Beyond satire

If anyone has heard the fake cackle of Kamala Harris as she avoids another question about the millions of illegal aliens being allowed to cross the border into the country from Mexico, will know that everything about this fickle, plastic fake person is not real or genuine in any sense.

“She’s a fake vice president, just like Biden is a fake who has fake White House sets, because he is not allowed in the White House. Kamala Harris is so fake in every way that it is now nigh on impossible for her to ever tell the truth on anything. She has built up such a fake facade of unrealness that if anyone even uttered some truthful words to her, she would have that person either arrested or shot by her fake coterie of fake Secret Service men, who are also not real, and carry fake firearms because they are all now anti-gun trans gay eco warriors,” a Capitol Hill observer revealed on Wednesday.

If NASA wanted to actually do something good, they should take the entire fake Biden administration, put them in a fucking rocket, and shoot the bastards into space on a one way motherfuckin’ trip into oblivion!