Green Screen: What’s Up With Biden’s Hands?

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION - Joe Biden has been filmed in a supposed green screen anomaly confusing thousands of people who watched the video.

biden chromakey green screen


You ever watch a video and then just get totally baffled by it, like there’s something seriously wrong, but you can’t quite figure it out?

Well, watch the video below and look for Joe Biden’s hands in relation to the microphone booms from reporters supposedly asking him questions.

The Man With No Shadow

As you can plainly see, there is some kind of visual anomaly occurring, but the question is why? Why would the government go to such great lengths to fake a simple interaction with reporters in such a way?

The microphone is clearly above his hands and at chest height, yet his hands appear over the microphone as opposed to what is physically possible and below the microphone.

If you look close enough, you can actually see the grey green screen reflection of the microphones, and Biden’s hands, which seem to be superimposed in a terribly amateurish fashion. This is certainly not any form of Hollywood special effects going on here.

Is Biden in some undisclosed location being transposed into an area where fake reporters ask him questions? If so, what does this serve, and who does it serve?

Maybe Biden is dead, and they’re now relegated to superimposing his previous appearances to make him still look alive?

No one apart from the dumbasses who made this video can ever answer those questions.

Meanwhile, it was revealed by his handlers that Joe Biden will be in 3 states today… unconscious… semi-conscious… and confused…