Putin Offers Biden Cup of Tea After Being Called a ‘Killer’

MOSCOW - Russia - After being called a 'killer' by Joe Biden, Russian president Putin has offered a cup of warm tea to the ailing American.

Biden drinks polonium cup of tea

It was not very statesmanlike for Joe Biden to call the supreme leader of Russia, President Vladimir Putin a ‘killer’ the other day, however people should understand that Biden is no statesman, and never has been one. Biden is a barely functioning individual displaying symptoms of advanced dementia, and is now a serious liability to the United States as well as International security.

Of course, the Daily Squib was writing about Biden’s ailments over a year ago, but that is neither here nor there, this pathetic individual was nevertheless instated via mass electoral fraud.

Biden therefore is no match for the likes of Putin, a grandmaster of strategic intelligence who can only view Biden with pity.

“I invite Joe Biden to Moscow for tea, if he can hold the cup. You can call me names like ‘killer’ or ‘murderer’ but I will only show you civility and statesmanship,” Putin replied on Thursday.

What about Polonium, would there be any in the tea?

“Biden is already finished, it would not be necessary to furnish his cup of tea with Polonium this time, this man is no threat to Russia, he is a gift to us, and we thank the deluded morons in your country who cheated in your election for this poor, sad man. The USA has never been so weak, and we thank you all very much.”