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America’s Socialist Apocalypse

PHILADELPHIA - USA - American socialist Democrat run states are a cess pit of poverty, drugs and crime because the socialists enable it all.



There is such a thing called ‘enabling’ and this is what socialists do so very well, they enable an eternal cycle of poverty, drug addiction, crime, destitution, and decline in their ill-managed abodes. Call it a Democrat-run U.S. state, or a Labour-run U.K. council, or a European city, socialism enables the sickness of human decline to take hold and for the citizens within to be slowly murdered by their ‘do-gooder’ socialist policies.

If you look at every state in America, or liberal run city you will see all of these traits of decline, where the poor are kept poor generationally, and where the poverty-stricken voters vote for their own perpetual poverty at every election. Instead of rising above the government welfare handouts and moving forward out of poverty, millions of Americans in particular are trapped in a vicious cycle of EBT hell they cannot escape from.

Drug dependency is encouraged in socialist American states by city departments that hand addicts clean needles, and cleans up their drug paraphernalia from the streets. In cities like San Francisco and Portland, there are entire teams dedicated to picking up human faeces and used needles from the streets costing taxpayers millions every year.


In California, a walk down Skid Row will show you the true face of socialism, and how these tent cities of unfortunates are enabled by the city planners. What deserves to be bulldozed is instead allowed to fester bringing vermin, viruses, and pestilence to the city, and condoned by those who run the city. The socialist Democrat Party loves their poverty-stricken perpetual victims because they vote Democrat every four years on the promise of more hand-outs and liberal drug policies.

Socialism loves poverty, in fact they want everyone but party members to be part of the underclass, just as long as they get the votes. The same relationship occurs with the illegal immigrants who are daily pushed through America’s porous borders.

We will give you housing, food and welfare payments as long as you remember it was us Democrats who gave you all these things when it comes time to vote. You will be indebted to us Democrats, and be the eternal victims in need of eternal government assistance. Do not at any time try to escape the role we have given you and try to move above your station, because freedom from poverty by getting employment or higher education may one day mean you will vote Republican. No! We cannot have such a thing, and this is why in your neighbourhoods we will only install liquor stores, pawn shops, mini-marts and gun shops along with turning a blind eye to the drug dealers.


The Projects, the council estates, all over the world have the same socialist concept, and are havens for generational imprisonment of the victims of socialism as a political ideology itself. Even in the architecture of these monstrosities built to incarcerate, there is a sense of foreboding socialistic minimalism that centres upon concrete roguery, a sort of statement of socialist intent that these people have been condemned to impoverishment from birth to death.

Granted, there were supposed to be nice things about socialism too, like socialized medicine for example, which does not really exist in America but in Europe it does exist. The problem with such an idea as the UK’s NHS for example is, it is great with a small manageable population, but after years of unfettered immigration, and health tourism, the institution of socialized medicine cannot cope. There are no hospital beds available even in quiet times, and waiting lists go on for years for the most basic of operations. In many situations, when crowded, doctors routinely have to choose which patients live and which unfortunate patients die. This ‘death lottery’ was witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic where many patients in ICU were left to die either because of their age or other factors. There are not enough taxpayers within the system to prop up the whole venture, and the health systems are so large in bureaucracy they are marred by huge amounts of fiscal waste as trillions of pounds are literally thrown into a bottomless black money pit never to be seen again.

When Kamala Harris becomes President, America will witness what socialism truly is when it will be pushed fully at the Federal level to all citizens of all states, Republicans included.

This is when the real socialist apocalypse will come to fruition. It is only a matter of time.

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