People always try to stand out among others. They express it in an individual style of clothing, manner of behaviour, or lifestyle. This is why an email signature is important as well.

The same goes for professional activities. You face high competition every day. As a result, it is vital to stand out, promote yourself, and continuously communicate with your target audience to show what a professional and talented person you are.

Nowadays, email letters make up a significant part of all communication, letting the email signature generator be an essential instrument of representing a personality.

Email signature as a part of personal branding

An email signature is always at the end of every email you send. It makes using one the best and easiest way to promote your personal brand in the digital world.

To do this, consider your email signature as the web business card, including the info you want a new person to know about yourself. Your interlocutor can see your face if you add a personal photo to your signature, learn your name and occupation.

Add your other contact information such as phone number or Skype ID to be in touch more than via email only. Show that you are open to communication by sharing your social profiles in the signature.

Generally, your signature should represent your identity and demonstrate your expertise and credibility. To achieve this goal and promote your personal brand in the best light, use email signature software. Get inspired looking at these email signature examples.


Determine yourself and your audience

One of the reasons you want to represent your personality is to show that you are unique and stand out from others. Keep in mind there isn’t an absolutely original person in the world; if something is similar to others, that’s fine. Also, remember that you can’t appeal to everyone.

Let’s start with determining who you are and who your audience is.

First of all, pay attention to the industry where you work and the people who belong to it: the ones you communicate with, collaborate with, or who are your potential customers.

After analysing them, imagine what person your audience wants to see. Can you fit that portrait and find out what is a unique feature that will distinguish you from others and represent your personality?

Now, when you know your audience and the most suitable way to represent yourself, it’s high time to choose what the email signature that expresses your personality should look like.

For a start, decide what template of email signature you take as a basis considering your audience and your professional area. You can divide templates by three types: professional, modern, and friendly.

  • Professional signature template

This one is a perfect template if you and your audience belong to the business world and community. Strict business style without unnecessary details with restrained colours and design emphasizes that the email sender with such signature is a serious business person, a highly qualified professional, and a reliable partner.


Such signatures can be chosen by top managers and middle managers, lawyers, professors and teachers, business coaches and consultants, brokers, realtors, etc.

  • Modern and elegant signature template

The right choice for those who keep up with the times, follow the trends, and actively use modern technologies and the latest approaches to business management. If you belong to those who believe that simplicity and minimalism manifest refined taste, this template is just for you.


Great for founders, information technology employees, marketing managers, or for those who can express themselves by this style.

  • Creative and friendly template

If you are a representative of the creative industry, then this template is best for you. Such an email signature emphasizes extraordinary creative nature and allows expressing yourself. Every email letter you send shows that you are a professional and creative person undoubtedly.


Musicians, bloggers, designers, writers, photographers, artists, and others should choose this template.

Include a professional style-matched photo

Should a personal photo be included in the email signature or not? You might avoid messing up with taking a good picture and have a logo instead. But notice that a photo adds a personal touch, which is pretty essential if you aim at representing your personality.

To do it in the best way, follow this advice and make sure that the photo you are going to use in a signature:

Is yours. An image that isn’t your photo, such as a landscape background or stock image, overcomplicates and clutters your signature. Keep the focus on a real photo with a neutral background.

Looks Professional. It doesn’t have to be shot by a professional to look professional. However, your photo should demonstrate to others that you are intelligent and professional. Remember to smile, feel happy, and relaxed while taking a picture. It creates a positive vibe. Avoid selfies or family photos.

Complements visual identity. Including a photo in your email signature, consider its placement, size, colour (whether you want to use black-and-white or colourful photos).

And above all, be sure your appearance elements in the photo match your visual identity style: clothes (you are wearing a business suit, a shirt with a tie, a simple, elegant dress, or a simple bright casual), hairstyle (neatly collected ponytail, clean and well-groomed hair, etc.), accessories, and makeup (do not overdo it).

Add social links that you actively use

Adding social media to your email signatures is an excellent opportunity to introduce the audience to your Twitter feed, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and others. All social media should contain relevant and useful information only. Keep an eye on what you publish because it is quite easy to destroy a reputation that has been built for a long and hard work, with one failed publication.

Avoid adding all possible social links, follow the rule “the less the better” and include only social profiles that:

First, directly related to the scope of your activities. For example, Behance or Pinterest for designers, YouTube for video makers, Trulia for Real Estate, etc.

Second, they are actively used. Do not add social links where you update your content twice a year.


Use banners and CTA to show your best

With the aim to impress your email recipient with your work, the best and most noticeable way is using a great stylish banner or call-to-action button in your email signature. Use the banner not only for holiday greetings or special offers, don’t be afraid to experiment, and feel free to post what you want to draw attention to. A banner is an excellent possibility to reveal yourself as much as it increases representing personality.

SIG 6Want to show your portfolio with fantastic work? Promote your upcoming webinar? Share your latest blog post or get more subscribers on your YouTube channel? All that, and not only that, you can do by adding a banner or button to your email signature.

Email signature, as much as a landing page or a social media channel, gives a great opportunity to represent your personality.

Use suitable design and include only self-promotion information to make the right impression for everyone who receives emails. Encourage people to learn about yourself and professional activities using an email signature.