Kamala Harris Outlines Bolshevik American Soviet Dream

UTAH - USA - Soviet Commissar Kamala Harris has outlined her ideas for Bolshevik Revolution in America when the Democrats win the election.

As a trained Marxist, Kamala Harris is well schooled in skewing the facts to suit the Soviet message she delivers constantly to the pliant American audiences at the election debates.

The raison d’être of this Soviet woman’s zeal is very simple, once in power, the weak Biden will be pushed aside and all manner of communist policies will be put in place. There is no way in hell that Biden will be able to stand up to this powerhouse of Soviet ideology if the Democrats cheat their way into winning the election.

Along with massive voter fraud in Minnesota, and evidence of ruined Trump ballots shredded in containers across the nation, there is a possibility that the Soviet Marxists will win the election through the use of massive organised voter fraud.

There is nothing the Democrats are not resorting to at the moment, as they encourage violent insurrection through their funded revolutionary agitators ANTIFA and BLM. Looting, rioting and arson now define the Democrat party, who have moved so far left that even Lenin would have second thoughts.

The Democrat party are the Oppression Olympics champions of the election circuit, everything about them is a big fucking moaning session as they flagellate themselves in front of the adoring socialist media cameras.

America at the moment is literally fighting for its life, and to this end, if the Democrat socialist party wins, the people will be punished so severely it will be witnessed from space.

You get what you vote for, and the American people have not heeded the warnings of history about communism and Marxism. Throughout history communism has condemned over 160 million people to death, and if the communists win the last ever American election, it is notable that the communist death tally will increase by millions more.