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Democrats: “We Are Not Responsible For Violence, Looting, Riots. It’s All Trump’s Fault!”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Despite claims otherwise and denials, the Democrat Party is complicit in the violence, riots and looting across American Democrat-run cities.


Despite all the unrest happening in Democrat states, fully supported by Democrat mayors, conducted by rent-a-mob Democrat professional agitators, America’s socialist party are now denying any of the needless violence is tied to them.

No! Biden, does not overtly look like a socialist and that’s one of the reasons he was chosen, fooling some voters into voting for Joe, but not voters who see how the formerly ‘liberal’ Democrat Party morphed into an aggressive Marxist socialist junta intent on violence, thuggery, rioting and looting. Under Biden’s supposedly benevolent wing is a vipers nest of radical extremist Bernie Sanders followers, BLM Marxists, ANTIFA communists who he needs to win the election.

Joe Biden is now putting the blame firmly on Donald Trump, who has actively begged the Democrat states to do something about the Democrat supported groups ANTIFA, and BLM ruining cities with their senseless violence, rioting, arson, murder and looting.

With Democrat luminaries like supreme Marxist militant raisin face Maxine Waters and The Squad waging Jihad on every white person in America, there seems to be a slight discrepancy in the message that the fault lies solely with Donald Trump and his supporters.


These people have actively sought for ANTIFA, BLM agitators to attack Republicans and Trump supporters wherever they go and whatever they do.

It was party time for the Democrat party during the mass riots for George Floyd, where they encouraged BLM and ANTIFA domestic terrorists to riot and loot. It was only after the rioting when it dawned on the Democrat run states that they would have to ask for Federal funds to rebuild major portions of their self-destroyed cities. Much of the funding was denied, because many of the mayors of those Democrat cities actively encouraged the rioting.


This is why hundreds of thousands of citizens and businesses are now leaving Democrat run cities in states like California, New York and Minnesota.

Portland, which has always been a hot bed of Marxist activists and agitators is now practically a war zone, and many businesses have lost everything.

The Democrat Party is now synonymous with extreme violence, looting, rioting and murder.

This is why their attempts to turn around their actions of agitation and egging on rioters is a sick joke. Everyone who has been watching these events unfold know exactly who is behind the unrest and it’s not the Republican side of the fence.

The American vote in November will be between Democrat led rioting Marxist factions or Republican law and order. This is when the silent majority will have to make a crucial decision in voting correctly or voting for more mayhem, destruction and Soviet militancy tied to the Democrats.

Either America moves forward in peace and safety or backwards in violence, looting, uncertainty, arson and pain in November.

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