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Why Are Former Life-Long Democrats Switching to Trump in Their Thousands?

PORTLAND - USA - Thousands of former Democrat voters are leaving the party to vote for Trump. What is going on with this mass exodus?


According to the most recent polls, huge amounts of former life-long Democrats are leaving the party to instead vote for Trump. Why the exodus? It’s simple, these decent American citizens are fed up with the violence, the riots and looting created and endorsed by the Democrat Party which has ditched its moderate liberal inclusive tolerant stance for a radical communist censorious anti-free speech Cancel Culture Marxist doctrine of inhibitive authoritarian extremism.

As the cities burn, and the extremist communist mobs block the roads, burning down businesses and shooting innocent people for no reason at all apart from them being white, there is a sense that the Democrat Party headed by the clueless Joe Biden and its extreme Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters BLM, ANTIFA, The Squad communist agenda is getting out of hand.

No one is safe in today’s America, and this applies especially if you live in a Democrat run city where BLM ANTIFA are given carte blanche to do as they please without any repercussions.

It is thus not a surprise that many former Democrats are turning to the Republican Party in this time of sclerotic Democrat assisted anarchy. The Republican Party represents law and order coupled with a modicum of peacefulness and prosperity. The Democrat Party is one of disorder, chaos, arson, racial violence, poverty and upheaval.

Democrats Fuelling the Fires of Anti-White Racism

There is no doubt that racism does exist in most cultures, but the way to tackle racism is to go to the root of the problem, through education and knowledge — not through indiscriminate rioting, looting and violence.

Racism is simply a form of ignorance, and many racists have never even spoken to a person from a different culture or race. If these racists were to ever meet any other person from another culture and get to know them, they would find that they are regular people just as much as they are themselves.

What the Democrats are doing with BLM and ANTIFA is also a form of racism, and should be condemned not applauded as it is wrongly labelled as a fight for ‘equality’.

Ignorance is the real enemy, as well as generalisation. Not all people are bad from a certain nation or race just because one of their kind has committed a crime. There are decent and flawed humans in any nation or racial type.

The Democrats have sought to capitalise on America’s racial disparity with riots, and looting, but they have chosen the wrong path, which only comes back to them, and has backfired, losing voters to the other side.

Humanity must combat racism through education from youth, and people must not judge other races until they actually gain some knowledge about other cultures.

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