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Yawn – Channel 4 Resorts to Erect Penises For Ratings

LONDON - England - Channel 4 once again plums the depths by trying to raise their ratings with erect penises.

Oh wow, let’s have the lowest common denominator – a bunch of erect penises on TV, thanks to the uncreative ventures of Channel 4.

Sinking lower every day, this is an obvious sign of desperation by a TV channel that is floundering in the detritus of uncreativity.

It’s not as if an erect penis is something that billions of people across the earth have not seen by simply switching the internet on?

You get this shit in your emails selling viagra, selling bigger penis pills, and in all the multiple porn sites awash over the internet poking this, poking that, embedded in some actress screaming out fake yelps of pleasure for the audiences, whilst some meathead pumps away like a machine.

From the exorbitant headlines, one would think Channel 4 had landed their first TV executive on the moon, but no, they broadcast their first erection. Fucking yippy doo dah day!

Hopefully Channel 4 will one day be erased from the airwaves, because it does not produce anything of value any more. It used to be a vanguard in the early days of broadcasting in the early 90s but not any more.

Someone, please deflate this Channel 4 semi, because it is not fit for purpose any more.


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