Americans Queue in Their BMWs, Mercedes and $35,000 SUVs to Get Free Food

CALIFORNIA - USA - Once again we are seeing expensive cars queuing up to get free food from foodbanks in America.

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Screen capture (KPIX)

What’s wrong with this picture? Mile long queues of expensive cars all with their engines on idle waiting for free food from foodbanks. If these people really needed food, they would sell their fucking cars, but no, this is America, a land so off the charts that it boggles the mind.

Free Food

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – The pandemic has pushed food insecurity to levels not see in decades and people are relying on food banks more than ever here in the Bay Area.

Three times a week, hundreds of cars line up as thousands of pounds of food are all given away at the Alameda County Food Bank.

“We’ve never seen anything like this in 35 years in business. Each one of these distribution is serving well over a thousand cars!” said the food bank’s Director Community Engagement Mike Altfest.

It is one of four locations across Alameda County where folks are receiving much needed basic food for free. They are people who may have lost their jobs when their businesses were forced to shut down due to pandemic concerns.

“They start lining up as early as seven in the morning and this will run for six straight hours” said Altfest.

Hundreds of cars slowly snake their way through the parking lot across from the Acura dealership on Interstate 880. Folks from all walks of life driving everything from Toyota’s, BMW’s, to Mercedes, all coming to get food. Folks are grateful for the charity. SOURCE

All of these freeloaders should be refused entry, because they clearly do not need the food. What about the thousands of homeless people across America who find their food in trash cans? They do not own homes, or $45,000 BMWs, yet they are not seen anywhere near some foodbank handing out goodies.

What kind of moronic institution is funding these foodbanks? There is absolutely no logic in their despicable enterprise.