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Harry and Meghan to Star in Trailer Trash Reality Show

LOS ANGELES - USA - Are Harry and Meghan dragging the British monarchy into the gutter with a new reality show?

Yawn – Channel 4 Resorts to Erect Penises For Ratings

LONDON - England - Channel 4 once again plums the depths by trying to raise their ratings with erect penises.

Grotesque Bully Jeremy Kyle the Face of Reality TV

MANCHESTER - England - The Jeremy Kyle show has been suspended after a vulnerable guest committed suicide.

Kylie Jenner Says She Doesn’t Like Orange Juice So Much Anymore...

CHICAGO - USA - Reality TV celebrity, Kylie Jenner, said she didn't like orange juice much today, causing orange futures to crash.

BREAKING NEWS: Unhinged Trump Finally Loses it On Campaign Stage

COLUMBUS - USA - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has shot himself in the head during a campaign performance that left many in the crowd sick.

Kardashians First Reality Stars to Go to Mars

CAPE CANAVERAL - USA - The Kardashians lifted off yesterday in a rocket and will be the first reality stars to ever go to Mars, their agent has revealed to MTV.

Man Arrested For Questioning Why X Factor is On the News

LONDON - England - A 46-year-old man from Croydon, South London was arrested yesterday for questioning why the X Factor was headline news across the British media.

Britain’s Got Talent

LONDON - England - Simon Scowell, Piers Moron and some dozy bint pick a winner out of the talented Brits on display for turgid reality show Britain's Got Talent.

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