Kardashians First Reality Stars to Go to Mars

CAPE CANAVERAL - USA - The Kardashians lifted off yesterday in a rocket and will be the first reality stars to ever go to Mars, their agent has revealed to MTV.

Donnie Rosenblatz, the agent who manages all of the Kardashians revealed the wonderful news on MTV.

“We’re going to film the journey and when they land on Mars, viewers will get to see what goes on there too, although NASA has told me we could lose communications with them permanently. Let’s hope that does not happen,” the agent revealed on Friday.

NASA has been preparing the family trip for two weeks already and lift off was yesterday at 2pm from Cape Canaveral.

“Let’s just say that for the sake of humanity, this is the best option. Hopefully they’ll run out of air half way or crash into an asteroid. It will make great viewing. Hey, they wanted to be reality show stars so we’re giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity here for sure,” Gregg Neushoff, a NASA controller told CNN.

The rocket ship the family are flying in will hold all life saving essentials like a nail care facility, wardrobes for all the clothes and shoes, botox injections as well as cameras watching their every move 24 hours a day.

“I hope the Van Allen belt doesn’t fry my new handbags,” Kim Kardashian was overheard saying at the press conference before lift off.

New MTV series Kapricorn Two will air on Tuesday 16 April.