President Obama Says U.S. Deficit Not His Problem

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Obama has said he is "bored" of the massive U.S. deficit and wants to talk about other things instead.

“Frankly I’m not interested in the U.S. deficit and it’s nothing to do with me. I just like hanging out with rappers like Jay Z and chilling,” the president said from another golf course session.

Reporters at any press conference from now on will be told in no uncertain terms to refrain from even mentioning the $20 Trillion U.S. deficit.

White House aides reiterated the deficit talk ban on Friday.

“We got orders to not talk about it. We all know Obamo’s increased the deficit by $6 Trillion since he came into office, but we ain’t allowed to talk about the elephant in the room. If we do, we get fired. It’s that simple. We just talk about the next multi-million dollar vacation he and his wife are planning on going on,” Sarah Gerhardt, a White House spokeswoman revealed to the Washington Times.