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Obama Moves On Water Pistols

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama is moving to ban all water pistols in the United States and is bringing in hefty regulations and laws to criminalise water pistol ownership.

“We can’t have anymore water squirting because it’s dangerous. We’re coming up to summer now and I say we ban all water pistols in the United States,” President Obama said wiping a non existent tear from his eye.

The new Water Gun Law will be enacted tomorrow and it will be illegal to purchase, own or fire a water pistol anywhere in America.

The NWPA (National Water Pistol Association) were up in arms at the announcement and vowed to fight it with everything they’ve got.

Mr Carlton Hasston from the NWPA said: “From my wet dead hands, they ain’t gonna grab my water pistol. I’m gonna squirt and squirt that thang and no one gonna do a thang about it. Who’s up for a water gun fight. Yippee!”

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